8 July 2010

Birthday Shopping.

This is what I wore today ... 
Since it was my first day off in what feels like weeks! I took my mum shopping in Glasgow :)

I just wanted to be comfortable today, and I was but this wasn't my favourite outfit choice.

The top is actually a little floral/Lace dress and the skirt is just a maxi skirt, which I really like actually the material is so soft.


I'm still new to this blogging world but I can't quite find the time to take good photos, and I'm a little embarrassed to ask anyone to take the photos for me! I'm sure I'll get over it. 

As this blog grows I also want to start taking photos of stylish people on the streets of Glasgow, and anywhere else I may visit!


This little bear necklace is a new favourite! I think its so cute and the colour of the gold is a dirtyish gold, making it look really old.



New Look

So it is my mums birthday on the 23rd and she is extremely picky! So I decided we should have some mother daughter time and it would help me buy some presents for her.

I bought her these shoes, my mum is quite plain and just likes to be comfortable but she has a huge shoe fetish so I always treat her to shoes because she loves them.

I got her these in the New Look sale for £15!! They're not my style but she loves them! :)

I also got her these little red sexies! I love these ones! I'm quite jealous actually! Another bargain for just £10!

I love a mid season sale!


I Now of course I couldn't go out on a shopping spree and not get myself some little treats!

First of all were these little shoes! They are Topshop copies and I am so happy I managed to get a pair! My feet are only a 1 so I really struggle to get shoes in my size, but again this is good because it means no one will have the same shoes as me!

I also got these to lovely dresses, again in the sale!

They are both Gold By Giles for New Look and this s a collection I always love! 

So next we went to Primark.
Now Primark doesn't have the best name for itself but, I am a Primark addict. I always love the things they have and as it is so cheap I often customise the things I buy from it, without fear of worrying about how much money I wasted if it goes wrong.

I got this lovely little tutu dress for just £8! I'm not sure how I will make it my own yet but I Can't wait to wear it out!




This is a little broach I bought! how cute!

After I went shopping I met some friends and we went out for some pool and beers.

A lovely day hanging out with my mum and then just a chilled night with my friends!