23 July 2010

Summer Sun, Finally.

 Thursday consisted of cleaning out my room as its being painted at the weekend! Yey!

Not quite what one would wear while cleaning, but I don't believe there is such a thing as dressing down.

 This was just a casual little number, the top, originally a dress which shrunk, was bought in Manchester, I liked it because of the colour and the baggy loose style which I originally thought I could wear over swimsuits at the beach, however no beach this year ... just rain!

I hardly ever wear jeans, but these ones I love, they are high waisted but the trousers are tucked under at the heel so are like denim harem pants! I also love the colour as they are an indigo denim rather than a washed blue denim.

The belt is a little gem which I got for about 50p last year, I love a bargain!

The sandals are my "summer sandals" and I just love them because no one I know has them :D

George at ASDA
New Look
New Look

New Look
King Ollie relaxes as mummy does all the hard work!
I woke up today to the most lovely day, THE SUN IS OUT!!!!! ... and I have the day off work!

Today was my Mum's birthday, so we had arranged a family BBQ and thankfully the weather did not disappoint!

After slapping on some magical fake tan this was the outfit I chose for today!

I bought this maxi dress from the best vintage store in Glasgow!

Its Frank Usher and cost me a measly £28!

I'm not sure which period it is from, I think 70s but I'm not certain. I fell in love with this a moment I saw it.
I love the colour and I'm drawn to anything tacky and a bit out there. It has an amazing flowing fishtail skirt and I do not have the heart to alter it. Its far too beautiful, altering it would be a crime!

This was the first time I have worn it, and it definitely wont be the last.

As the dress is so bold I wore minimal accessories, which was difficult. I love to accessorise.

Frank Usher, Mr Bens
New Look
Christmas Gift

All in all it was a great way to spent the day off work. 

Relaxing with my family, sun bathing (In a maxi dress lol but it don't tan so, basically slept in the sun), a BBQ and general happiness and cheer.

Its about 3 weeks until I go back to college and I'm so excited, this summer has been a HUGE disappointment :( but on the bright side it has convinced me to go travelling next summer!!!!!!

Were to go?

Happy Birthday Mum!