2 July 2010


Me inside a chocolate machine :)

So Yesterday, after a long hard shift at work some friends and I decided to do something to ease the boredom ... We decided to go to this place were they have like mini golf, a cinema, arcades, even an indoor ski slope!!!

My friends were all big wimps though and wouldn't do this sky trail thing with me! So we decided to go Mini Golfing - They know how to party :\ - it was quite fun in the end, for them, because they just laughed at me. I lost after 78 strokes on and 18 hole course. Sport isn't really my thing.

So after that we went for some food, and were served by this gorgeous little waitress - I can't remember her name so I'm calling her Amy - and as she was leaving we tried to get my friend to go ask her out, but he was being a big loser and wouldn't do it, so another friend had to chase her and give her his card ... she hasn't text him yet ... but she will :)

So then we hit the arcade, lost some money, won a puppy :)

It was a fun day of games, gambling and giggles!

Today was fun too :)

I slept in quite late because I had been out the night before, so I went into Glasgow to pick up some birthday presents for my sister, shes turning 18 in a few weeks, 18 is a big deal here, so I had to get her something good :) Picked her up some bits and bobs and some amazing little clogs! Which are so cute I wish I could fit into them :(

Anyways . . .

As well as studying I also work my ass off, in a cinema - Glamorous I Know! - but its the best job ever. Don't get me wrong it has its days, screaming, rude, aggressive and ill mannered idiot customers are a regular occurrence! Most of the time however its a blast! the guys I work with are the best in the world!!! hence why I have put up with all the shit ... sometimes literally - people are disgusting!
So the job comes with some perks, one of which is getting to see films days before anyone else ... so tonight I got to see the movie of the summer - Eclipse!

Now, I'm not a Twilight fan at all ... quite frankly I hate it! Far too soppy for me ... but actually the movie was quite fantastic! :D I might actually read the books now!!

And even though I know it will never happen ... I'm definitely TEAM JACOB! :D


The Puppy "Cockapoo"

This is what I wore on Wednesday.
I didn't really feel very fashion-istaaaaaa! But hey!

So I have my black harem pants which are so comfy! I urge everyone to buy a pair!
My cardigan which is about 3 years old but I love it! Comfy again!
And my necklace which I love because it but makes the outfit more glam and less "comfortable" looking ... if that makes sense!
This outfit is quite plain and simple, and comfortable, but still quite eastern, which is what I wanted to go for, sort of "I'm stuck at home but I will dress like I'm on holiday"