5 July 2010


Thought I should get a photo in my work uniform, since I'm in it around 80% of the time over summer :(
I'm saving for this gorgeous little Vivienne Westwood Bag! Costs over a months wages but who cares!

So that's pretty much what work today consisted of, 9 hours work :( and it was tough! Please think of the plight of the cinema works next time you are in watching a movie, they work hard for little money and its hard work with long shifts, the least you can do is be nice to them :)

So once I got home I had a great nap with Ollie :)

Ollie is my little ginger kitten, everyone should have a ginger cat :)
I say kitten but hes almost 2! My ex gave him to me after his sister's cat had a litter, so I brought him home when he was just 4 weeks old, and he has been my world ever since :)


Again after work on Saturday I met up with some work friends, and we had dinner. To kill some time while waiting for people we headed to this little park. 

 This park is were I spent every summer from the age of 13 - 18, it was good to visit I haven't been there in years!

Green Street Park, Thanks for the memories!

My denim jacket is actually from a super market! I love it because its from the kids section so not only did I get it much cheaper, but no one else has it because they can't fit in it!

The top is stolen from my sister :)

My "Matte Look Leggings" are amazing, they look just like trousers but its great they are so tight because if they were trousers they would be too baggy on me.

My shoes are my little "do everything" shoes, I have like 5 pairs because I love them and they go with lots.

George at ASDA

Tea & Cake at Topshop