11 July 2010

The Polo Lounge.

My Thursday night was filled with some girly chat!
After work I met my two best friends and we headed to the cinema ... I'm never out the place!
It was a lovely night though!

So this was my little GOLD by Giles dress :) I Love!

I had an incident my with hair extensions so when I left the house my hair was soaking.

As it was a warm light summers night I wanted to go for an outfit that was cool and comfortable and with my hair and cardigan I felt it gave the dress a sort of "Day at the Farm" Look.

As you can guess I Love rings!

The bigger the better, and I only ever wear them on my left hand "Pointing" finger, I have no idea why.

Gold by Giles at New Look

Primark (Pradamark)


So Friday & Saturday were literally, Wake! Work! Sleep! Repeat!

So Saturday night I needed a BIG drink!

I ventured into Glasgow and went to my first gay club, The Polo Lounge!

It was soooo much fun!

Definitely what I needed to cheer myself up!


I wore a little black body con boob tube dress with a lace top over it, the dress is actually from a super market, I don't believe in spending a fortune on something basic that I know I will only use a few times. 

Unless perhaps its a classic like jeans or a trench coat which you should keep forever if they are the perfect fit!

For nights out I always like to look a little "Indie" or "Rocky" as I feel sometimes when I dress up with my blonde hair people think I'm like a barbie girl or a wag ... not a good look thank you!

A Supermarket





Petite Feet At Barratts

Today I was a little bit late for work, wasn't a good day as one of my friends found me sleeping on this huge teddy bear we have in work, I was eventually sent home! hehe.

So Ollie and I have had a little duvet Sunday watching movies and eating Chinese food!