14 July 2010

Puppy Love.


Monday was a bit of a wasted day if I'm honest, one of those days were nothing really happens, but on days like that I always like to have a beauty day, so I had a huge big bubble bath :)

Tuesday I had to get up early to go to the doctors, so once I got back I decided to meet my best friend Ween for lunch, so as I was waiting I decided to take some outside shots, the first sunny day in weeks!

My photo shoot was brought to an abrupt end by some builders doing work next door. 

So indoors it was ... I'll get the hang of this photo thing at some point!


I'm not sure of the look I was going for, It was warm so I wanted to wear a dress, and I hadn't worn the Jewellery in a while lol, quite simple, I do really like the dress though :)

So Ween and I went shopping and were I live has some great little charity shops :)
Long story short ... I bought some little roller boots!!!! They are so cute I wish there were still roller discos!!!
 I will load a photo of them in my next post :)

So unfortunately I had to leave my Ween for work :( 


My friend was having a house party after my shift, so not all bad :)

The party was fun :) so fun I didn't venture home till 5am hehe!


This Is my friends dog Mya, Love at first sight!

Excuse the blurry photos lol my friend Ryan needs more practice!