18 July 2010

Sunny Scotland.

So this was Thursday morning ...

Welcome to Scotland! :(

Another day off work so I had decided to take my three little cousins out for the day.

No I have never baby sat before ... lets just say looking after a 5, 8 and 10 year old seemed easy enough to start off with ... but lets just say that its not an activity I will be undertaking again anytime soon ... it was a lot of fun though! :)

I took them to a little place were they have lots of animals from the amazon.

Monkeys, spiders, Lizards, birds, snakes, crocodiles and even bats!!!!

  We done this thing called a "Handling session"

It was awesome, and the kids were so brave!

We got to hold a Snake, Lizard and a Tarantula!

Look at the size of that thing!! I held that! and I have the most awful fear of spiders! but it wasn't bad, I think because it didn't run fast or anything I wasn't frightened, and it was friendly, if spiders can be friendly?

However ... Typical children, they were more interested in the ducks on the way home.

So Friday and Saturday were again filled with two 12pm - 10pm shifts :(

I swear this blog will get better when I'm back at college!!

So today was my little cousins 6th birthday party :)

The sun stayed out for the party and it was just a lovely day with the family ... and 14 screaming kids!!!

So this is what I wore to the party, I was in a rush so I sort of just grabbed whatever I could find!

And then teamed it up with my cape to keep warm.

I wanted to be comfortable because I thought I would have to help out with the kids at the party, thankfully I didn't though. I got a lot of complements about my cape, which is a new favourite to my wardrobe!

The ring I bought was from this gorgeous little shop in China Town in Manchester, if anyone is ever in Manchester definitely go visit the shop, its so cute and has amazing little Chinese trinkets, which I Love!!!



New Look




New Look


China Town

Has anyone seen these new bands?

Apparently they are the new BIG THING in America! They are like bracelets but they come in all different shapes. These are the Princess ones I have ordered but there are loads of different types.

Some of the types I found were:

Happy Birthday!
Farm Animals!
Space Aliens!

Who knew elastic bands could be cute fashion accessories!