21 August 2010

Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

On Wednesday I got a little surprise for when I got home, I was invited to go to Edinburgh for the night to see a comedian.
 The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is wonderful and the whole city was buzzzing!

This is in the "Old Town" of Edinburgh, this is an area I have never been to before, but would go again!
Its lovely, filled with gorgeous buildings and loads of charity and vintage shops!

We headed to a little Tapas Restaurant for some dinner before the show, I'm not a Tapas fan, and never will be! ... Apologies Spain!


After dinner we ran up the road to The Pleasance, Edinburgh.

Its a lovely little courtyard for food and drinks which is in the middle of several halls, each halls playing host to different comedians, plays and musicians.

We we were there to see a comedian, a very funny, and very cute, Jack Whitehall!

My posts will be a little more interesting in the coming weeks...

Next week I am going to LONDON! I'm sooo excited!
Then I am back at College!
I am also getting a Camera at the end of the month! So my photos will get better :)
I also plan to have more posts about good vintage shops around Glasgow, Up coming trends etc etc!