26 August 2010

Julian The Turtle.

Its that time again, Orange Wednesday, the worst day to be working!

Alan and I headed down the road to pick up some last minuet things for London!!!
I'm so excited but I don't go till Sunday!! Ahhh!!
The button had fallen off! The first time I wore it! Not Happy!
I don't know what I was thinking with this outfit. 
I am dying my hair tonight, as my roots are just awful! And I have to dye my new hair hair extensions which I got for London! 

So with this outfit I wore my sheer tights, which I love for Autumn/Winter because it shows of your legs without looking like the idiot with bare legs wen its -10 outside. I also love them with boots rather than shoes, hence why I wore my little socks!

I have tons of ankle socks! These are a big trend all over blogs and on LOOKBOOK but I never see anyone in Glasgow wearing them.

Glasgow is know as: "Glasgow, city of style" which is true there are tons of stylish people! Unfortunately 90% of those stylish people have the same style. Glasgow has a very "Indie" Culture, lots of brogues, high wasted shorts and scarfs, its a good style, but becomes very boring when everyone is the same! 
I blame this on TOPSHOP, not that that is they're style but they inspire people to be a little more daring in their style and I think people misinterpret this as "If everything I buy is from TOPSHOP then I will look good" Everything in moderation people!

Anyway! Rambling over!

I also wore my grey dress with the huge shoulder pads, I think this trend will start too die out soon, but don't worry It will resurface!

This was the  first time I have worn my military leather jacket, I never wear military stuff, just doesn't suit me, but this jacket is something special! I think It will make a lot of appearances in my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. 

My bag is a fake, a damn good fake, but none the less fake. I know I know! But my mum got my it from holiday and I love it because she got my it rather than the fake label!

 DRESS Primark

JACKET Primark

TIGHTS Primark

SOCKS Primark

SHOES Primark


BRACELET Can't Remember

BAG Gift from Spain

As I have said before, were I live has great little charity shops, and these were some little treasures I found! 
This little vintage bag was only £3! its so cute and in amazing condition! I think tiny bags are going to be huge this Autumn! We are carrying far too much around in our bags, its time to slim down girls!

We also found this little toy turtle! and look at his eyes! we couldn't leave him in the toy basket!
When we were in town we walked passed this wedding boutique, and this is what we saw, so cute! 
It made me laugh so much, I wonder if anyone does buy these for their wedding?

I am planning to take my laptop to London with me so if this is my last post before then, I shall see you in London!