7 August 2010

Summer Grunge.

So another day off on Thursday meant only one thing ... Shopping! :) 

I haven't been shopping since last month which is both a good and bad thing ... more money but less clothes!

For this most magical occasion I chose this little blue dress from H&M, teamed up with a faux leather waistcoat for a "Summer Grunge" look. 

I love this dress because it is body hugging without looking too over the top dressy.

I wore it with my sandals as it was sunny, but its so versatile I can wear it with anything, biker boots, converse, I even wore my Uggs with it the other day, Uggs in August ... its that cold.

Once again I wore my McQueen scarf, this scarf is one I wear a lot as I love it and I am proud every time I wear it, Alexander McQueen was such an inspiration to the fashion world, and to me. He gave hope to normal everyday fashionistas who are trying to make it in the industry, and just gave hope to us that you can make it no matter what your background.




Alexander McQueen

New Look

I was working early on Friday so my friend and I decided to have a quiet little DVD night, obviously its not a good night in without some pizza and sweets.

So this is what I changed into to head to the store as it was late and chilly outside. 

When I went shopping I ended up buying 3 pairs of Ugg boots. I love Uggs, I must have around 15 pairs now! They are just so comfy I even wore them to work today!

Again another appearance of my cape, I love this cape and I think its my purchase of the year! I know I will wear it the whole way through winter.

I am also wearing Jeggins, I don't often wear jeans or trousers but i think Jeggins are a godsend for me because my legs are so tiny even skinny jeans look baggy! 

But Jeggins mean they are skin tight ... I don't think they look good on everyone though ... If you are going to wear jeggins just make sure they are not baggy in the bum or legs as it just looks awful!


New Look