20 September 2010

Judy's Vintage Fair.

Today was a little different to my usual lazy or working Sundays. 

There was a huge vintage fair being held in the West End which I read about recently. 
So my sister, her friend and I decided to check it out!

Its Travelled all around the country and the stalls were amazing, loads of little hand made an customised stalls too!

Trailing through the rails I found a lot of 50s and 80s clothing and also a lot of nautical. 
Not a trend I particularly like myself but my sister loves it!

From the fair I got these amazing little leather numbers! 

Finally have some leather shorts after hunting for weeks! 
These were my purchases from a little second hand store in the West End called Glorious Clothing. 

If your trying to find anything from last seasons Topshop, this is the place to find it!

Good Night Everyone! Sweet Dreams!