18 September 2010

Stylist Magazine.

Hi everyone! Again sorry for the lateness.
I think until I can cope with the extra work load I will just have to leave it to 1/2 posts a week!
Just bear with me!

So the first week of college has been good, I've seen an amazing course at University in Edinburgh and hopefully we are going to pay a visit next week!

So anyway, the following pictures are of a magazine I picked up for the bus home, I see people with this magazine all the time as you get it free outside the stations but this is the first time I have read it and it was amazing! and free! In this issue they had interviews with various people in fashion, Henry Holland being one of them, hes so beautiful, I may be developing a crush that can't lead any were :(

This photo shoot was also in the magazine and it made me laugh so much, I loved it!
Top Primark
Bow Primark
Scarf Alexander McQueen
Ring Primark

This was Thursdays outfit!

You' know for wrestling with dogs and such! :)

I had slept in for college this day so I just threw my hair up but actually I really liked this outfit!

I love my jeans which I cut up myself! 

And my new fur scarf is amazing for winter.

Top George at Asda
Jeans Primark and Customised
Denim Jacket Primark
Leather Jacket Zara
Scarf Primark
Necklace Vintage
Rings Internacionale
Bracelet Can't Remember
Silly Bands SillyBandz.com
Flower New Look
Shoes Primark


This was today's outfit, My sister took me to get my nose pierced before work so it was a day for something different! I also went to get my tattoos fixed today but unfortunately my plans fell through and so, no new tattoos :(

This outfit mainly consisted of all my recent purchases. 

Another fur scarf! Perfect for Autumn especially because it keeps you warm without having to wear tons of layers, its still a little early for that!

Also my new studded bag! I don't actually have any studded bags yet although I do have my eye on a gorgeous little Louis Vuitton studded number!

And finally my new green shirt which I got for 99p!!!!!!

Dress George at Asda
Shirt A Discount Store in Glasgow
Leather Jacket Zara
Scarf Primark
Bag Primark
Bracelet H&M
Belt Internacionale
Shoes Primark

I will hopefully have another post as soon as possible.