7 October 2010

The Black Watch.

Hello again everyone!!

Again another long break between posts ... apologies!

I really need to start managing my time properly but in my defence my laptop was broke but it is now finally fixed!

So ... what have I been up to!

Well last night we went to see a fantastic play about the Scottish soldiers fighting in Iraq.

  This is the second time I have been to see this play. I went with my drama class at school in 2007 and fell in love with it.

Really makes you realise what those men and women are fighting for out there.

This was the first time Alan had seen it so I was really excited to see what he thought of it.

Unfortunately we couldn't have gotten worse seats, the stupid girl behind us would not stop talking throughout the entire performance and kept laughing and telling her friends what happened next!

Which completely ruined my whole night.

However, if anyone gets the chance to go and see the play I highly recommend it.

Its a beautiful play and the acting and stage direction is absolutely fantastic!

 Alan wanted a little blog action! :)

The nights are starting to get darker, and the air is getting frosty, winter is definitely here.

So for one last night I got some use out of some summer finds.

Oh and I have a new hair style, was getting bored of the gaga fringe, but it will be back eventually!

What do you think?

To the play I wore these very 70s flared floral trousers, I wish I had found these during the summer as I would have worn them constantly!
I don't think they will catch on but this style of trouser leg is very popular in playsuits at the moment, which I think will be a key look for Christmas parties.

I also wore a little black basic top to slim down the top of my body, at 4'9 I can't afford to look any shorter!

I wore with my nude blazer and my black pashmina to keep me warm in the theatre hall.

I wore a big statement necklace, statement necklaces instantly make any outfit look high fashion, so they are a key accessory of mine.

Finally I took my new little Louis Vuitton bag which I recently bought from a vintage store in Glasgow, I doubt its real but its amazing quality and I still love it.  

Blazer H&M
Basic Top H&M
Trousers Primark
Pashmina Stall in Glasgow
Bag Vintage Guru
Necklace New Look
Ring Primark
Shoes Primark

So after Dinner we sat and indulged in some Ben and Jerry's!

Yum Yum!!

Hopefully my next post will be tomorrow night!

I am now off college for the week so hopefully I will go on a few adventures!