24 October 2010

Sunday Bed Hair.


Just a quick post for tonight since I didn't want to leave it days before another post.

My Sunday today has just been spent doing a mountain of college work.

Aiming to get it all out of the way before Thursday, as I'm having a Halloween party!

I'm so excited I Lovee Halloween!

You will just have to wait for the photos to see costume number 1!

Yes ... I have 2!!

Forgive my rubbish photos its too cold and dark to go outside so this was just some quick snaps.

I'm wearing my customised jeans, I can't believe this is the first pair of black jeans I own.
They have become a real favourite of mine.

I'm also wearing my very cute (and cosy) "Babs" jumper.
Who doesn't love a bit of Babs! shes such a babe!

In my hair I'm wearing my "Alice" hairband, just to give it a less casual look.
Even though I've been indoors writing essays all day! 

Customised Jeans Primark
"Babs" Jumper Topshop
"Alice" Band H&M

Hopefully I will have another post tomorrow!

Until then sweet dreams everyone!!