14 October 2010

Work Experience.

 So much for an exciting week ... Wake, Eat, Sleep, Work, Sleep, Repeat ...

Exciting stuff.

 Yesterday however wasn't a total loss ... I did manage to get my 2nd year work placement sorted ... so I'm not going to fail 2nd year! Whoooo!

Its in this amazing little Bernardo's Charity shop in Glasgow!

I went to visit the manager of the store for a little interview and she was so sweet, I'm so excited!!

I will be there for the next few weeks and hopefully by that time I will have my camera and I shall hopefully be able to get some shots of the store if I'm allowed.

So I get my work experience and I get to help a good cause at the same time!

Things are looking up!

I still haven't got grips with the weather yet.

One day its freezing so I wear my fur, and then the sun appears from no wear!

Yesterday, I was cold.

My leggings are actually silver, so I have no idea why they look black.

I don't know what inspired my all back look for the day but I liked it.

Top Vintage
Leggings New Look
Shoes Primark
Necklace Primark
Rose Ring Miss Selfridge
Black Ring Edinburgh Dungeons

I also wore my Alexander McQueen scarf for good luck :)

Which Worked <3

My fur coat finally arrived from china!

So I will get some shots up soon!

Sweet Dreams Everyone!