15 November 2010

Peace and love, and bunny rabbits.

Again more more more sorrys for the late post.

I have been SOOO snowed under with work so unfortunately the blog has came last.

First off I'd like to introduce you to the new member of the family,

Little Diva.

We have had her for years and shes very old but she is now living upstairs,
since some monster stole her from our back garden!

Thankfully though shes home safe :)

Over the week I have been doing essays non stop and finally tonight I got a break from work.

So Alan and I went to see the 25th Anniversary of Les Miserables!

It was amazing!

I Love Musicals!

So this was what I wore!

Casual, but as I said I think I have finally accepted that its winter!

I wonder when it will start snowing!

Top Stole From My Sister
Jeggins H&M
Boots Primark
Scarf Camden Market
Necklace Made Myself
Ring Edinburgh Dungeon
Bracelets Can't Remember

This is my other cat Jazz :) 

Well hopefully after Wednesday I will have more posts as all my work will be handed in!
Then Its time to apply for uni.
Get a camera.
Try not to get fired from my job. :(
Begin work on my portfolio.

Sweet Dreams Everyone!