29 November 2010

White Winter.

The first pictures from my new SLR camera!

I ended up choosing a Nikon 3100.

Its very easy to use but so far I've only done the basics but I will get the hang of it :)

 It has been snowing very heavily since Saturday night

so on Sunday some friends and I decided to go sledging!

Believe it or not I concealing about 6 layers under my hoody :)

I don't have any wellies yet so I opted for my Uggs, which very surprisingly had great grip!

I also wore my favourite jeans with my black Chanel replica hoody.

I wore my head band rather than a hat because I thought I would loose it on the hill.

And I wanted to avoid hat hair as I was heading out for dinner with my friends afterwards.

Head Band Primark
Replica Chanel Hoody Gift
Jeans Vintage
Uggs Primark
Mittens Primark


  The town looked so beautiful under all the snow :)

This park is were I spend most of my childhood.

I also want to get married there because the view is incredible.

 This was my first ... and only ... sledge :(

 Next time I won't take on such a big hill, as I am now suffering with incredibly back pain.

Its still snowing heavily, and getting in and out of the city is difficult to say the least.

So it may be some in door shots until its a little more manageable.

But at least we will have a white Christmas :)