10 January 2011

Blurry Monster.


Hi everyone!

Not much to say today, just some snaps from today.

I still have no idea how to work my camera so these aren't perfect.

 I think I will be wearing my hair up for the next few weeks!

I'm growing my hair out and its just at a horrible lifeless mess at the moment!

I like my hair like this though, its classy and very simple to do!

And everyone says I suit it up, Thankyou Guys :)

 I don't know about everyone else but buns are pretty much Scotland's signature hair do right now.

Probably because everyone is tired of doing their hair and then getting it ruined by the weather.

Today I wore my sisters little "Peter Pan" blouse with a little back body con dress underneath because it was quite short.

These little dresses are so cute right now and have a very 60s feminine feel.

I wore with it mt black tights and patent dolly shoes, simple, classic.

I also wore my leather jacket on top to give it a more modern touch.

Going back to the 60s theme I wore match pale pink heart earrings and ring!

"Peter Pan" Dress New Look
Leather Jacket Zara
Shoes Primark
Jewellery Primark

PB .. xox