31 January 2011

Springin' Sixties.

Hi Everyone!

Longest period between blogs ever!

I have two excuses this time ...

1. I thought my camera was broken, turns out it was set on auto ...
really need to learn how to use the damn thing.


2. I have been lazy ... but its not going to happen from now!

Breakfast yum yum :)

 So today Alan and I went to The GFT see the Scottish movie by Peter Mullen ... NEDS!

And afterwards he had a Q&A session, which was fantastic and the movie is incredible!

If there are any non Scots here, then you may be wondering what is a Ned?

I'm not going to explain, that's what Google is for, However in Scotland they are a daily battle!

The film was gripping, brutal, disturbing, hilarious, (they can be quite funny)
and even beautiful at some points.

On Friday I bought this amazing dress from Dorothy Perkins, a new concession called Doll & Frog.

Which I think will become a new favourite as it is all very 60s inspired!

The 60s trends coming in this spring summer are wonderful, Topshop in particular also do this well.

I love it, the 60s style is so feminine and girly, and classic.

I was drawn to this dress because of the beautiful netted fabric and the spring colours.

I wanted to keep it simple so accessories were to a minimum and I simply put on some tights as its still freezing outside.

In the spring/summer I can't wait to wear it with little peep toed pumps and bare legs!

No 60s look would be complete of course without false eyelashes, go all out I say!

 Dress Dorothy Perkins
Necklace Primark
Ring Dorothy Perkins

For dinner we went to an ice cream parlour.


The best ice cream in the world!!!

As promised it wont be so long for my next post!

Sweet Dreams!

PB .. xox