6 February 2011

Cats & Shoes. This Ones For Emma.

Sorry no outfits today ...

I don't tend to post any at the weekend as I spend most of it in my work uniform.

However let me introduce you to the newest little member of my rescue family.

This is Sirius.


Hes a tiny little black cat who we found by the road yesterday
 we don't know if hes lost or been abandoned.

I'm not one for rescuing stray cats but I couldn't leave him there.

The search continues for his original owners.

But hes very thin at the moment, so we are looking after him until he is all better.

You won't know from my photos.

But at only 4ft 9in, I'm teeny tiny too.

and getting heels for my size 1 feet is a nightmare!

So for anyone else who struggles with this problem here is a truly wonderful website.

With the most amazing shoes!

Here are some favourites I intend to get at some point!

 These ones are YUMMY!

 These are the ones I already have, and I love them!

Sorry for the poor photos, it was hard to get a good angle.

While writing my post it reminded me of my friend Emma.

Who loves Cats and Shoes :)

So this is her post!

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

PB .. xox