7 February 2011

Fred Perry Polo.

After running later and later this is what I wore to college.

In the end I was actually quite happy with my choice.

For some reason today I was determined to wear these tights.

So the rest of the outfit was based around them.

I opted for the body con skirt as it was windy outside.

I wore my Freddy Perry Polo shirt with it to add some colour but keep in with the look I was going for.

I have had this polo shirt since I was about 14, I Love it!

And I wore my boots rather than shoes to keep my feet dry from the rain.

A comfortable look, which actually worked!

We may have found Sirius's original owners ...

I secretly hope its not them ...

I'm afraid I have fell in love and will miss him :(

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

PB .. xox