23 March 2011

Bake Sale Stress.

So today was my class' charity bake sale!

It was a lot of fun and got to know a lot of the girls in my class, which was sweet!

So these are some photos of some of our yummy treats!

So again some shots in my room, which will continue for a little while

as my photographer is in exam mode at the moment!

So this was what I wore as I rushed out the door late again

I wore these trousers as I found them in my wardrobes still tagged

So was looking for an excuse to wear them

I wore this top because it was summery, and the sun was shining today!

I also wore my big 3 fingered ring from yesterdays post, but have lost it already :(

Soooo annoying

 Top Topshop

Trousers New Look

Belt Primark

Ballet Shoes Birthday Gift

I hope everyone has a good night and a good day tomorrow!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x