18 March 2011

Leather Studs and Jesus.

Good Morning!

Ok, so, Blogging is now taking over my life!

I am now running a Chictopia and LOOKBOOK account, getting more addicted by the second, as well as trying to run this blog!

Its hard work!

 I don't have any intentions of being a full time blogger, I mean I love it, but looking at great bloggers like The Blonde Salad,

I wouldn't want to work that hard at this age.

I still want to have fun, and want to work until I'm reeeeeeaaaaally old, plenty of time!

Anyway, todays choice.

(Again inside shots because its dark and cold outside)

I wore this for a day out with the boys, perhaps why I chose the jeans and the faux leather waistcoat.

Its Butch! lol.

I actually had a wardrobe clearout and was throwing this out, but I saw it at the top of the pile and thought

hmmmmm ...

So its returned to the wardrobe :)

I wanted to stay comfortable but I teamed the matching shoes and belt so I felt a little like a girl!

Waistcoat Primark

Top Primark

Jeans Primark

Belt Zara

Shoes Primark

Ring Topman

Bow Market Stall

 Oh yes and no "Girl" is complete without some pink nail polish!

So the sun is shining today so hopefully I can get some snaps :)

Paula .. x