10 March 2011

Pancakes & Nutella.

Happy Pancake Tuesday!

When I am rich I'm going to have a chef who makes me pancakes with Nutella everyday!

Yum yum!

 Look at our Lovely Pancakes :)

As much as I liked today's outfit and thought it was cute, it was the worse choice ever.

The temperature has plummeted and the rain and wind is gruesome.

Not time to put the fur away for summer yet :(

I wanted to wear my jeans to keep comfortable today, and I cropped them because it was more of a spring look ... again this was before I seen the weather outside.

As my hair had a sort of Charlies Angels 70s theme going on I wore this shirt because of the puffy 70s sleeves.

I tucked it into my jeans again to give the 70s look.

The 70s is a favourite decade of mine, so feminine without being overly girly.

Which is probably why I like that style.

As girly as I look, I am one of the boys most of the time!

Shirt Primark

Jeans Vintage

Belt H&M

Ballet Shoes Gift from My Mum

Ring Topshop

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x