23 March 2011

Quicky Snaps.

Hi everyone just a quick post tonight as I've been on the go all day and super tired!

These are just some snaps from yesterdays shopping spree

and today's outfit

(Badly shot, so sorry)

This is an old old photo!

But I really wanted you to see my "emergency dress"

I call it this because when I'm in a hurry for college and have no time, I always just out this on ... because it never fails and I feel comfortable in it.

So Monday, as usual I was running very very late.

So here it is.

Dress ASOS.com

After college I went on a little Primark spree.

As you can probably tell I loveeeee primark.

I have no idea why, I'm a bit of an impulse buyer so maybe its that ...

I'm not stupid, I know its not good quality, and I will splash out for things that are worth it.

I just don't see the point in spending a lot on something that will only last one season.

H&M is another one I love though, amazing quality for the price!

Well done H&M!

Another favourite shop is the charity stores and vintage.

To this day I can't find anywhere that compares to Glasgow's vintage stores!

The west end of Glasgow is simply amazing!

Camden market is amazing too, but I never found anything there so I was very sad :(

And my friend raves about the vintage stores in Amsterdam

So that's the next place on the list!


Vintage ... yes. I also visited my favourite Vintage store in Glasgow.

Mr Bens.

Filled with beautiful and affordable pieces!

And the store owners are simply amazing!

One day I will do a whole post about the stores in Glasgow. 

Next time I am in the West End. Promise.


Mr Bens is were I found this gorgeous baby pink Louis Vuitton scarf :D

Eeeeeeee! Enough said <3

These photos are all my primark finds!


An awful snap but I just wanted you to see my shorts!

and my pink shirt which I love too.

I can't wait for summer!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x