20 March 2011

Shuuuut Up.

Today's post I have a few different photos.

First some photos from what I wore last night.

And some snaps of what I got up to today!

 I wore this to my friends St Patricks Day party.

I'm sure shes reading so HI STACEY! :D lol

Of course I wore this adorable green skirt to tie in with the theme 

I wore it with this amazing little bodysuit!

I will wear this bodysuit often now, and with everything, shorts, skirts, jeans, under tops and dresses everything!

I love bodices and body suits! I hate bras so it keeps the girls in check and makes all your bumps and lumps smoother!

 I kept accessories to a minimum and just wore my little Chanel bracelet.

Body Suit Primark

Skirt Dorothy Perkins

What do you think of my Gaga-Esq hair?

I got the hang of it from some YouTube tutorials!

I love it tho and will wear it more often.

As well as my Gaga bow, I also sat today and messed about with some new styles!

I'm getting good at it!

 The fishtail braid!

everyone should learn to do this for the summer.

I have no idea why the underside of my hair is so much darker!

Back to college tommorow, Thank god!

Sweet dreams everyone.

Paula .. x