5 March 2011

Weens First Photo Shoot.

 Today Before work my day was spent having lunch with my best friend Cristina

Or Ween :)

Shes Shy.

But she took my photos today, so thanks babe!

I got this jumper last night and I love the colour and the wool is so soft

even though it should be getting into spring weather its still freezing here so it will last me the next month or two :)

I also got this lovely white beaded necklace.

Quite a casual look, but I liked it.

I feel as if I'm becoming less adventurous with my fashion.

Which I don't like but I'm putting it down to simply having no time in the morning to get ready.

I need to start getting out of bed on time! 

Jumper New Look

Black Dress H&M

Shoes Primark

Bag Primark

Necklace New Look

Ring Miss Selfridge

This will be my last post till Sunday ... When I'm off to see comedian Russel Howard :D

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x