25 April 2011

Easter Monday Bank Holidays.

Today is ANOTHER Bank Holiday

With Easter (Btw, I hope the Easter bunny treated everyone) and the Royal Wedding

The schools and colleges are only in for 8 days in April!

and it is a right royal pain in the bum!

Work is mobbed and whenever I'm off all my friends are working :(

I hate being bored, I need to be constantly on the move and occupied!

Today consisted of waking up and lazing about until Alan had to go to work :(

I got these shorts after seeing the ones that Topshop had, and they were beautiful,

I opted for these instead because I don't think I suit shorts so I didn't wan to spend a lot on them when I probably will never wear them.

I teamed it up with this cream dress, simply because it was the first thing I found, but I really like the shoulders pads :)

I'm wearing cream pumps and my favourite nude sunglasses :)

Dress Next

Shorts Primark

Belt Primark

Necklace Primark

Sun Glasses Primark

Back to reality tomorrow until Friday,

The Royal Wedding!

I can't wait to see Kate's dress!

Paula .. x