6 April 2011

Frankies for Three.

First post in a week.

That's me on my holibags now and all my work is done.

So more regular posts. 

This is today's outfit for a night out to dinner with my two best friends.

Hi Cal & Ween <3

Since school I've tried to keep in touch with them and its always a fun night.

I wish I could go back to being 16 again, because everything was so simple back then :)

I love these little black wedges, however they killed my feet so I will have to break them in.

Anyone have any tips on how to help with this?

Blazer H&M

Bodysuit Primark

Jeans Vintage

Scarf Alexander McQueen

Bag Primark

Shoes New Look

Necklace Vintage

Beads Primark

Just a quick post tonight as I'm not feeling too good

Sweet Dreams Everyone

Paula .. x