30 April 2011

I Wasn't Too Drunk.

Its such a shame these photos were out of focus!

But I've made the best of it

This was what I wore yesterday to college

It was lovely and sunny again!

The day before I wore these shorts in brown, so I opted for these black ones so I wasn't wearing them two days in a row

3 years at college and I have never worn the same outfit twice

I'm proud of that :) haa

I bought this cute pink top and my little horsey belt the day before
and I think this top will come out a lot in my summer collection

I wore my printed body suit underneath to add a little more depth to the outfit

Outfit All Primark

These were some of my other purchases of the day :)

This necklace is from TOPMAN!

I know men are becoming for fashion comfortable, but this takes the piss ...

I love Topman jewellery, I hardly ever buy freedom jewellery
but I always raid the Topman shelves

Since all our course work was handed in Alan and I  decided to celebrate

We met up with my friend Jen in Glasgow for a few drinks and a dance :)

And this is what I wore ...

I decided to build my outfit around my new bag

I've been dying to wear this skirt since I bought it, but white skirts can go either way

I kept the colours simple and I added this amazing little belt bag for easy access to my camera

I hope these belt begs really kick off, I love love love them!

The heels are only small, which I like, I can't walk in heels

and there is nothing worse than seeing girls walking around in heels they can't handle


Top Vintage

Skirt Topshop

Belt Primark

Bag Primark

Shoes New Look

Jewellery Primark

A new outfit to come tomorrow :)

Sweet Dreams Everyone

and thank you all so much for all the lovely comments I have been getting :)

Paula .. x