30 April 2011

New Bag = Happy Face.


I look like a wee granny in to days outfit

This is what I wore yesterday before heading in to work for the night

Vest H&M

Skirt Topshop

Necklace Dorothy Perkins

Belt Primark

Shoes River Island

Cardigan Primark

Bag Ebay

I'm currently getting ready but I'd like to take a moment for something serious ...

Cosmetic animal testing

after seeing a window display in LUSH I discovered
that there is to be a 2013 EU ban on cosmetic animal testing

This is something I am really passionate about

I am disgusted that only 50,000 names have signed a petition to stop this cruel and disgusting testing

Please if this is something you care about too and want to save the lives of thousands of of animals each year

go on to ...

and sign the petition!

I am going to do a big post around this soon and I am going to stop using cosmetics which test on animals

I already do it with shampoo and I eat free range food, so cosmetics is the next step!

My sisters big dog Keiko

Japanese for Adorable, If you seen her when she was a pup you'd understand :)

Everyone have a great night

Paula .. x