27 April 2011


Remember that time I said that I didn't really like the pleated maxis?

I told you they would grow on me!

 I bought this maxi today on the way to college. I originally wore a mini pleated skirt

but I just felt uncomfortable right away, good old trusty primark is on my walk to college :)

Today's outfit was simple, I was late as usual and grabbed whatever was there!

I love this little top so versatile and I do love things that show off the abs, its so classic!

My hair also seems go have settled!

Please keep it that way little hair fairies!

 Top Primark

Skirt Primark

Necklace Primark

In case you may not have realised, I love jewellery, and rings have become an obsession this year!

not sure if its just me but as you can see I've got tons of them

Oh and ... that's my Graded Unit project handed in!!
Just a presentation to go and college is over!

Both a good and bad day as I also found out today that I didn't get in to my first choice university!

All is not lost though, everything happens for a reason,
and I got my second choice which is still a fantastic school!

I don't care were I go! As long as I get at least a year away from here!

Had a few hard years here, and with my two best friends and Alan potentially moving away too,

I've nothing to stay here for ...

I'm super excited though!

I used to be terrified of new things, I still am to an extent, but I can't wait for all the new experiences :D

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x