16 April 2011

Saturday Night In Town.

So tonight I am heading out with some school friends for my friends 21st

Probably a pub and then a club

I love my school friends who I've known since I was 12

However we only get so see each other occasionally

and if I move away it will be a lot less :(

Here are some potential choices of outfits!

I will try to remember to get a shot of what I choose :)

I love this dress, and for a night out its perfect, shows a bit of leg :)

Which you don't get to do often in Scotland

The dress is vintage and the shoes are from pretty small shoes

This is my big Diva dress, I'm not sure about this one

I want to wear my hair down and if I wore this one obviously I'd have to wear it up! 

This dress is from H&M

This is my little Madonna dress :) 

I've wore it loads just because its so versatile

about a month or two after I bought this Topshop were selling one similar

I was so angry because everyone was wearing it!

Its vintage, and only cost me £8. Wow!

Another amazing one I have worn a few times

I checked Topshop everyday for about 2 months before I finally got it

it sold out right away!

Some new photos up tomorrow, although I'm not promising as I may be dying :(

Have a great Saturday everyone, whatever your up to :)

Paula .. x