17 April 2011

Spring Cleaning.

Happy to report, no hangover :)

Although I failed miserably at getting a shot of my chosen outfit

I ended up going for the Madonna dress

Just 2 snaps from today's outfit, nothing special at all

Just what I wore while cleaning

Head Scarf Vintage

Top Topshop

Cardigan Primark

Jeans Zara

My 50s housewife look, with my headscarf and cardigan :)

and you can't see my Ugg boots

not very 50s, but cosy cosy cosy :)

I had the clear out of all my winter stuff and found all my summer shoes I had hidden away

I also found my hats!

I love hats! I have loads of hats, and hair pieces

summer is the perfect time to get them out! 

Tomorrow my day is JAM PACKED!

Up at 6!

College  at 9!

Then off to see Peter Kay at 7 :D

Then into town for a work leaving party!

The challenge of all challenges!

3 outfits in one day! without returning home at any point to change!

Can it be done?

We'll see :)

Paula .. x