21 April 2011

Still A Summer Goth.

Blogging from college today, how exciting!

That's my final project finished! :D

Just have to hand it in on Wed then I can relax for a bit!


Sun is still shinning away in Glasgow and once I'm done hear I shall go enjoy it!

These are some shots from yesterday before I headed into work :(

You can tell how warm it is if I can wear my bare legs without dying of hypothermia!

This is an old dress and I love it, although yesterday I wasn't happy with it at all!

I am like a goth in all my dark colours! I am aware that it is summer!

I like this dress because pleats are very in right now

but I don't particularly like the pleated maxi skirts, I have no idea why tho!

They will probably grow on me!

Dress Primark

Sun Glasses Primark

Yesterday the girls in my fashion class all had their maxi skirts on

so that's inspired my outfit for today

Which you shall see later :)

Have a sweet day everyone!

Paula .. x