17 May 2011

90210 Time.


Ahhh, just one week and the hard part is over!

I've seen a few of the British blogs, and I think everyone is in the boat!

Stay strong guys its almost over!

Anyway, another day were I slept in

I frustrate myself so much!

I was simply running into town to run a few errands,

but that turned into lunch with my managers at work
... or my friends ;) ... Promotion? 8-)

Either way it was fun.

and a great relief from studying!

Dress Topshop Basics

Skirt Primark

Belt Primark

Earrings Primark
I painted them with black nail polish :)
its a great little trick! 

I don't think I will have a post tomorrow

Straight to college from work, so I dunno if I will have any time

Everyone have a great day!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x