28 May 2011

Big Bows Rock.

So last night was Alan's first night back from exams

since he has finished his masters degree
hes freaking out because he is now a full time bum lol

Ahh being a student is sweet!

 This is what I wore out for dinner

and then we went over to a friends for a few beers and some chat

It was a fun Friday night,but now back to reality and work :(

Hangover II opening weekend ... Argh!

Please ignore my very noticeable short/long hair divide :(

It was a bad hair day!

I was already running late so I chose my old faithful bodysuit

with my black jeans to keep it casual but black jeans are less casual than blue jeans
So it think black jeans are acceptable for dinner :)

Its quite a rocky look with my red lippy

but I wore my bow to make it a little softer ... and also my hair was being disobedient!

Jacket Zara

Bodysuit Primark

Jeans H&M

Belt Primark

Bag EBay

Bow H&M

Rosary Beads Stall in Glasgow

Everyone Have Nice Saturday :)

Paula .. x