14 May 2011

Dayz Later.

Hey everyone!

3 posts in one today due the fact the Blogger was down for ageees!

Glad to be back



So in between some studying I managed to take some snaps what what I wore on Tuesday!

Just something casual and comfortable for lazying around the house doing some work

no house work though, my mums away on Holiday for a week so the house is a disaster

Sorry mum, I will never be a domestic goddess!

 This dress is one of my recent purchases

I loved it just because its so versatile and will go with anything!

I also love these dresses that cut off right at the bust

I call them pregnancy dresses ... ALAN DON'T PANIC ... that's just what I call them!

I'm just wearing it with some basic leggings,
because once again summer in Scotland has reverted back to freezing wind and rain :(

Sunshine ... I miss you <3

These little earrings are amazingly cute, I love bows and they only cost me 50p!


Dress Topshop

Bow Claire's Accessories in New York

Belt Primark

Earrings ASDA



Unfortunately most of my days for the next few weeks consist of reports essays and presentations
but its the last hurdle before summer :D

The study requirements!

Avoiding studying like the plague!

I live in my American Apparel hoody!

Its the best £40 I have ever spent

I love the hoodies, basics designs and the values of AA

but not all of their products are a very good quality :(

If they opened a hoody store though, I would spend a fortune in it! 

Hoody American Apparel



I decided to allow myself some time off from the books to spend some time with my friends :)

and Alan because he is studying too :'(

The alcohol is well in my system by this point

but this is the only photo which shows what I wore

Can I also just say that I don't wear glow sticks out

Stacey brought them with her :)

Alan reminding me of what time I started work the next day :)

Stacey was supposed to do a silly face too!

Top Vintage Frank Usher

Jeans Vintage

Pearls Topshop


Well that was my week :)

Tonight consists of more studying and tomorrow I'm hoping to see my friends for a nice dinner :)

I have a few ideas for the future though!

I have become obsessed this week with another British blog

I love it

and she has inspired me!

If you read Lilly's blog you will know that she updates a weekly portrait photo

So seeing this I have decided to do something similar

Once a week I am going to take a portrait photo of myself

This is to help me learn how to use my camera!

Because I still don't have a clue!

I don't know if I will upload them to the blog

Something I will think about ...

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!

Paula .. x