16 May 2011

Oh Summer Were Art Thou.

Excuse me Mr Sunshine, but it is now June, were are you!

I'm quite fed up with rain rain rain!


So today I was running late AGAIN!

I don't think have made it in for 9am at all this year!

So this was what I wore ...

I'm sorry about the inside shots, just as I haven't seen Alan I have to photographer to hand


This is a simple look, first dress I have worn in a little while, the shorter hair makes me feel like a boy

I think my extensions are making a return tomorrow :)

I made the look a little more exciting with the hat
which was great to save my hair from the rain 

but I think my accessories were my favourite thing,
I am loving the whole masses of rings thing happening just now!

Dress Customised H&M

Hat H&M

Belt Primark

Necklace Topman

Cross Ring Topman

Rings Miss Selfridge and Edinburgh Dungeons

The pictures were taken after college today

and then I changed into my study gear

So I took a snap because it made me laugh :)

Such a slob :)

Jumper New Look

Bow Dorothy Perkins

The following is some of my recent purchases!

Some things I'm not sure about keeping ...

What should I do?

Keeper :) George at ASDA

Keeper :) H&M

Unsure :S Primark 

 Unsure :S Primark

 Unsure :S Primark

Unsure :S New Look ...
I think the colour looks cheap ...

LOVE My Princess Diana Ring <3

Hopefully soon I will start to feel like myself again!

Do you ever have those weeks were your already totally stressed anyways
but then your hair and makeup decide to wind you up more
and you hate everything in your wardrobe!
and you can't understand why you have so many clothes
and spent so much money on them
yet you have NOTHING to wear!!!!!

no just me?


I hope everyone else is having a great week :)

and not too stressed with exams!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x