23 May 2011

Retail Therapy.

So today I had to leave college because I wasn't feeling very good

So I am all tucked up in bed in my onesie with choccies :)

The weather has been unreal today

Winds like I've never seen before

and all the trains are cancelled because of it

wtf? Scotrail can't cope with any weather changes!

These are today's purchases :D

you know, to make me feel better :)

I LOVE this dress!

I'm loving this fruity trend just now, and I don't really follow trends much

I don't really think clothes go out of date!

but I could get on board with this one!

The structure and shoulders are fantastic!

I finally got these in the colour I wanted :D

<3 :) 

My aunt got me this from holiday, and she doesn't know about Paul's Boutique

so she got me it because its my initial

and I think its sooo cute, I don't care what anyone else thinks!

This is very Katy Perry :)

and the bag!


I don't really like these bags just now, just not my style

but this one jumped on my arm as soon as I seen it

I love the alternative green to the browns/blacks that are around!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x