21 June 2011

100th Post.


100 posts already!

I only just realised otherwise I may have done a special post!

but what could be more special than my friends photo shoot

my friend Emma recently asked me if I would let her take some photos for her blog

So of course I did

These photos are the results :)

The shoot was 70s inspired

which I have already said before I love this look so I was thrilled

I went for the Hippie look and my friend Deborah who also took part

went for a more stylish 70s look

I Loveeeee!

My outfit is all Primark, but its all seasons old!

I'm wearing eye make up!

I never do that, but I think my smokey eyes are OK for a first attempt

and I may try out my 70s inspired hair again too :)

To see some more photos of the day please check out Emma's Blog!

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Paula .. x