3 June 2011

Budgie Food.

The pop up store my fashion class has been planning is finally set up

and opens Monday! phew!

Heres how it looks :)

It was fun setting up but I'm exhausted now and to be honest I'll be glad when its over!

Then its only a matter of days before summer begins!

Tomorrow I am house sitting for my friend while she is on holiday!

So all my posts for the net two weeks will be from hers!

I was out last night for a friends birthday so when I got home I tied my hair

and when I got up today I was so Hungover/Late/Lazy that just stuck a hat on

I like it though, reminds me of Ivy from 90210!

The top is my sisters but I love it so I think I am going to get a few for myself :D

Top New Look

Body Suit Primark

Jeans H&M

Hate New Look

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Paula .. x