14 June 2011

H&M, I Love You.

So today I was really grumpy, due to sleepiness and exam stress

not even a Nandos with my friends helped!

Who by the way donated blood today and I am so proud of them!

Well done guys!

Its a shame I can't give blood because I'm under weight
(Which I am a little thankful for as I'd love to do it
but the sight of blood makes me dizzy)  

However my bad mood was sent away to the vault when I ventured into H&M on a whim

and there it was ... the sale!

I LOVE sales, I don't get these people who don't shop in sales?

I get that its hard and at times a little dangerous, but is it sick that I get a buzz from that?

Especially the River Island sale ... I have almost lost limbs in there

and I avoid the opening day of the Topshop sales ... wayyyyy  to dangerous!

So these were my findings and I am so happy :)

This is beautiful in reality

photo doesn't do it justice

Ha ha

What do we think of this electric blue number?

It looks good on ... we'll see

If I don't wear it in the next 2 weeks I will return it to Primark!

Now I hated these when they were in Topshop ...
But I have changed my mind for some reason

Maybe to do with this whole Indian trend right now

I dunno, again If I don't wear them then back they go!

Now this H&M dress below was the reason I was so happy!

I've bought it a few times and then returned it because of the size!

So then last week I went to buy it and they had no 6s

So I thought It wasn't meant to be!

Then when I went in today not only was it reduced to £7!!!!

But the very first one I touched was a 6!

Definitely fate and I almost screamed with happieness!

It still doesn't fit but I will just get it altered

This is the only shot of today's outfit as I slept as soon as I got home from town!

I love my Gaga Glasses, No I don't wear them indoors

I just wanted you to see them :)

Bodysuit Primark

Skirt Primark

Belt Intenacionale

Necklace Topman

Glasses Primark

I have a portfolio and an essay to write tomorrow ...

but I do have to go to Tesco for cheese ... Ah the life of a housewife :)

So I may have a new post ... may not

We'll see :)

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Paula .. x