24 June 2011

Merry Go Round.

A very quick post today as I start work in ... 14 minuets!



We went to the Zoo on Tuesday In Edinburgh :)

And it was fun ...

Although It rained for 12 hours!

my patience is gone with his weather!

This was the only photo I got of what I wore!

but my tench coat was a godsend!

and I was so glad I opted for putting my hair up!

Trench Coat Charity Shop

Leather Blazer Zara

Belt Primark

Last night was my friends birthday night out


and we had a great night :)

This is what I wore as I had just got the dress that day

but I hated it, we went to this gorgeous restaurant in Glasgow 

and when I walked in like this I just felt so out of place!

I don't really do conservative or classy, maybe that's due to the big hair, or the fake tan ...

so  I consumed much acohol to make myself feel better :)

Dress Topshop (Ebay)

Belt Primark

Necklace Primark

And so we move on to today!

Hangover free Alan and I went for lunch before work :)

I have no idea why the photos are so grainy :S

So apologies but you can still make out whats going on!

This dress is another which just arrived from Ebay ... for having no money I am going Ebay crazy!

Dress Topshop (Ebay)

Jeans Primark

Jacket Zara

Belt Primark

Earrings Primark

Bag Ebay

So hi hoe its off to work I go :(

I hope everyone else has a great Friday night!!!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x