12 June 2011

My First Video, Fail.

 Hi everyone!

Super super busy this week again

so I have two posts for you to enjoy, maybe lol

oooooh :)

There was supposed to be my first video!

But I'm currently involved in a 2 day battle with the video software

So we are still in Stacey's house!

and again I've been getting on with my college work

as well as looking after the house

its been so much fun
but I'm definitely going to enjoy my Mum looking after me for the next few months 
before I move out!

Out in the world all by myself ... ahhh!

I have learned this week how to wash my own clothes
which is a bloody achievement!

Mother doesn't let me near any household appliances

I have blew up a washing machine, caused the oven to explode,
several small fires and the murder of about 3 microwaves ...
but I seem to be able to work the washer :D

Top New Look

Jeans H&M

Rings Internacionale

I wouldn't say I have a style ...

I chop and change

I don't have an Indie look
or a Gothic look
or a preppy look

but the 60s/70s vibes are something I have followed since I was young

seriously, when other kids wore they're jeans and those awful GAP hoodies
I had my flares and gypsy skirts

and I still love this look!

Sweet Dreams Everyone

I will hopefully get the video up soon!

Paula .. x