30 June 2011

New Updo.


I have 15 mins before I meet Alan

I have to stop rushing posts!

At the moment its just work work work!

Which is good for money for moving out ... but its tough!

I'm sweeepy :(

I keep forgetting to take photos when I'm out
but the good news is I have fixed my camera :D

This is what I wore, on Monday ...

anyways we went for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants :)

and this has been adapted as my new hairdo!

I'm at a stage right now were I hate my real hair, and I'm not liking my extensions either!

but I like this!

I've said it like a million times I love being able to just throw your hair up and it still looks nice!!

Bodysuit New Look

Skirt Primark

Belt Primark

Scarf Alexander McQueen

Earrings Primark

Ring Primark

I love these earrings!

I love my skulls and I've never been a fan of danglers but with ones this these I could get on board :D

Last night was my best friend Clare's 21st!

So I will get the photos up of that 

and hopefully we will get some photos today in my Topshop sale discoveries ;)

Have a lovely day everyone!

Paula .. x