13 July 2011


Today I'm not feeling great!

Stuffed nose!
Sore throat!
Blocked ears!
Hot! Cold! Hot! Cold!

Ahhhhh! Stupid Cold :(

So my dress for the engagement party came out OK :)

Next time I wear it will be with my brown moccasins and blazer!

Casual :)

Today just consisted of more altering clothes and I made a skirt for my sisters holiday


So this is what I kicked about the house in!

I dunno if you can see but I had a bad rash when I was getting my exam results

and its left my skin scarred :(

any tips on how to cover it would be greatly appreciated :)

Top H&M

Jeans H&M

Bracelte Internacionale

Earrings Internacionale

As you can see going mad with my alterations :)

and finally after about 2 years I fixed this vintage dress :D

Tomorrow I am working

and as Harry Potter is out on Thursday my posts won't be very often

I won't get a day off for weeks :(


on the bright side I get to see the movie  before all you guys :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x