26 July 2011


Today I went into Glasgow

and we ventured into Americandy in the off chance they had Twinkies!


I've never tried one and have always wanted to!

and it was yummy :)

My friend Fraser bought 10 ... I didn't like them THAT much lol!

Who remembers Ice Cream Chewits?

Man they are AWESOME!


I may be having a sugar rush ...

So Alan Finnally got his camera too!

I'm sure the next few posts will be from his camera!

Hes so cute and been super excited about finally getting his camera

after a year of dragging me into Jessops every week!

He went for a Canon

Now commences the Nikon vs Canon battle of the cameras!


and, shame on me, I went shopping!

I really am skint beyond belief

But I'm happy with my purchases!

Although I think I will return the Rosie Red Bolero

and just wait for the original H&M to come up on EBay!

No Posts tomorrow as I am working another 11:30 - 9:30!

Ahhh I hate my job!

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Paula .. x