5 July 2011

Bag Blocking.

Hey everyone!

2 outfits today :)

I don't know about anyone else but I always do this, change outfits about 3 times a day

different outfits for different activities!

otherwise I would never get to wear half of the clothes I own!

This look is extremely casual!

Because I was going out last night, I don't get properly ready
because it means I just have to redo everything later!

This top is my sisters and I constantly steal it from her!

Going to try and get my own one before I move away :)

...or just steal it ;)

I couldn't be bothered taking a big bag so I just grabbed this little cutie :D

I love it!

Its just big enough to fit my phone purse and camera so its perfect!

These photos were taken on Alan's Motorola Atrix phone

and the quality of them is fantastic!

Ahhhh! New cons!

you can never have too many :D

Top Tea and Cake at Topshop

Bandeau Primark

Jeans Primark

Belt Primark

Shoes Converse

Bag Primark (Kids Dept)

Rings Primark and Edinburgh Dungeon

This was what I wore for my night out :)

I felt this sudden inspiration to try colour blocking

I love this trend but 'm rubbish at it!

I think this outfit is OK for a first attempt!

It was very funny however when my friend walked in and we were both in green and pink!


Top Urban Outfitters

Skirt Dorothy Perkins

Belt Primark

Jacket H&M

Jewellery Dorothy Perkins

So, my hair is brown now ...

I left the dye on too long and it was supposed to be dark blonde!

but ts ended up brown!

I quite like it but I hope it lightens a little!

its will be back to blonde as soon as I get new hair extensions!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x