9 July 2011

C'est Chanel.

I'm currently hurrying my dinner 
-while drooling over the gorgeous food on Come Dine With Me - 
before I have to get ready

I wish I was eating what they are eating :(

I'm off to my friends Ryan & Kirstys engagement party :)

My  mum is just now altering my dress which you've seen before :)

I hope ts looks ok cause right now I'm not 100% on it!


Yesterday was just another normal day!

Got some lunch and then headed in to work

after yesterdays marathon spending spree I have asked for extra shifts
to get myself out of the red!

I actually loved yesterdays outfit!

I felt really comforable but not too plain!

I think I am coming round to my hair as well :)

I don't know what inspired this look, I really wanted to wear my new cross necklace

and for some reason I wanted to wear my blazer

so what was orinianlly jeans a pink shirt and a blazer
changed into something chic when I added my Replica Chanel bag
I then added my scarf, hat and my little black flats, you know, keeping it simple :)

Shirt Primark

Blazer H&M

Jeans Primark

Hat H&M

Scarf Ebay

Necklace Primark

Rings Miss Selfridge & Edinburgh Dungeons

I'm taking my camera tonight so I will hopefully get some photos of my finished dress :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x